One EP cover
The EP that started it all on Parlophone and propelled Mansun into the Top 40.

Available as a 7” and 4 track CD with a few added extras. No band has ever beaten the successive run of quality EPs from 1996 to 2000.

Egg Shaped Fred /Ski Jump Nose / Lemonade Secret Drinker / Thief / Silence / Untitled


2 years ago – the China tour!

Two years ago Paul Draper and guitar wizard Ben Sink piggybacked their Japanese acoustic  tour with three dates in China .

Classic tracks such as Wide Open Space , Dark Mavis and Until The Next Life coupled with Paul’s solo output blew away the Chinese fans.

Always a dream Country Paul intended to visit as a tourist became a reality with the three shows that highlighted a huge fan base he never really expected.
In an interview that followed , he expressed interest in returning with a full band in the future. Paul Draper China FullSizeRender


Head over to the official Mansun Facebook Page or MOLS to see the cracking new video for Taxlo$$ taken from the forthcoming box set ‘Closed For Business’



My absolute favourite album of all time turns twenty two today . For me , its lost no edge over the years and is still mind blowing today as it was on first release.

Happy Birthday Six! 

Paul signs limited 7” singles

Paul Draper very kindly offered to sign a few remaining copies of his debut solo single ‘ Feeling My Heart Run Slow ‘. Apparently only 20 were left in stock which have been snapped up by eager fans.

Number 20

Number 20