nine EP 22nd anniversary and


Happy 22nd Anniversary nine EP!

One of my favourite Mansun EP’s…

Released August 25th 1998 it contained lead track ‘Being A Girl (Part One) as well six additional quality tracks spread over the three commercial formats.

A promo only 7″ single and a promo CD of ‘Railings’ are also sought -after collectables by fans.

‘Being A Girl’ was edited down to a short but gutsy two minutes from the eight minute album opus and was hence released as Part One.

The band did not appear in the official video although a certain ‘Danny Dyer’ made his ‘acting’ debut!

Window sticker / 7” promo / 7” promo signed sleeve (Paul Draper)/ CD 1 with poster / CD2 (sealed) CD 2 slimline case edition / Japan CD / Japan promo CD/ Railings promo CD /Mailout Card / cassette single / cassette singe (signed by Paul) /art exhibition card / promo CD / promo CD (signed by Paul Draper) /Parlophone CD-R promo


Closed For Business 25 disc box set!

Check out whats included HERE




This is the ultimate Mansun collection including:

All 4 original albums remastered

Single edits, EP tracks and b-sides CDs remastered

Ten Live discs featuring concert, festival and radio broadcasts including Glastonbury, Reading Festival, BBC broadcasts and live shows from Australia & Norway

Radio session, Demos, Rarities & Outtakes discs

DVD featuring the first ever official live film, from Brixton (October 98)

160 page hard back book written by renowned music journalist Peter Doggett

112 page book documenting the official fanzines Smelling the Roses, Take it Easy and Cult of Positivity

48 page studio book cataloguing newly discovered archival ephemera

5 x 12″ art prints and 4 x postcards

Handwritten “Closed for Business” lyric sheet signed by Paul Draper”

For full details and to preorder go to the Official Mansun Store

Japan review and details HERE

The Dead Flowers Reject revised release date…


The recordstoreday release of The Dead Flowers Reject has a new release date. 

After the postponement of the original RSD back in April , AUGUST 29th sees this limited edition white vinyl hit the independants.

Limited to 1000 copies , its a sure-fire rarity not to be missed .

Participating stores are HERE



Paul Draper talks to Louder Than War’s John Robb



Not to be missed! Paul has given a revealing new interview to John Robb for ‘Louder Than War’ about Mansun, his solo career and exciting plans for the future.
In an hour long web chat, Paul discusses how being a Northern band from Chester shaped Mansun’s development, and drops clues as to future solo and Mansun releases and his forthcoming tour.

You can check out Louder Than War’s take on the interview HERE

Mansun – SEVEN EP is 22!

22 years ago Mansun released the mighty ‘SEVEN EP’  choosing the lead track ‘Closed For Business’ over ‘The World’s Still Open’ which was deemed ‘too commercial’.

It peaked at number ten in UK charts and was released later in Japan on 10th December.

Three commercial formats were available  – 7″ /CD 1 and CD 2. A host of other collectible formats also exist .

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