nine EP 22nd anniversary and


Happy 22nd Anniversary nine EP!

One of my favourite Mansun EP’s…

Released August 25th 1998 it contained lead track ‘Being A Girl (Part One) as well six additional quality tracks spread over the three commercial formats.

A promo only 7″ single and a promo CD of ‘Railings’ are also sought -after collectables by fans.

‘Being A Girl’ was edited down to a short but gutsy two minutes from the eight minute album opus and was hence released as Part One.

The band did not appear in the official video although a certain ‘Danny Dyer’ made his ‘acting’ debut!

Window sticker / 7” promo / 7” promo signed sleeve (Paul Draper)/ CD 1 with poster / CD2 (sealed) CD 2 slimline case edition / Japan CD / Japan promo CD/ Railings promo CD /Mailout Card / cassette single / cassette singe (signed by Paul) /art exhibition card / promo CD / promo CD (signed by Paul Draper) /Parlophone CD-R promo


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