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Mansun – ‘Being A Girl’ 20 years old!

     Mansun . Being A Girl [nine ep] released 24 August 1998 . Second single taken from the band’s second long player ‘Six’. Reaching number 13 in the UK singles charts, it is an edited version (Part One) from the album. Formats include CD 1 : Being A Girl / Hideout / Railings CD 2: BeingRead more ⟶

Paul Draper to play Festival Number 6

PAUL DRAPER — MUSIC — Paul Draper was the frontman of Mansun – one of the most iconic bands of the late ’90s. Over the course of three albums (a fourth issued posthumously), they achieved something unique – after fostering a fervent cult following, they managed to maintain critical and commercial success with a seriesRead more ⟶

Paul Draper and Catherine AD sign Spooky Action…

  Well Spooky Action came out on August 11th and i just had to have all the formats….. Managed to get this cd dedidicated to me through some good contacts to whom i shall be eternally grateful. Here are the complete formats: cd promo cd cd/dvd hardback book package including outakes and 5.1 version cassetteRead more ⟶

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