Madness .Michael Caine …a look back

7″ / 12″

In 1984 Madness released their final (at the time) single with Mike Barson .Lead vocals ,this time, were perfomed by Carl Smyth with backing vocals by Suggs and co. The song is allegedly about an informer during the troubles in Northern Ireland. The video was nowhere near the usual jokey Madness of old as the subject matter would probably explain.Micheal Caine contributed his voice to the song in a reference to The Ipcress File where Harry Palmer repeats his name under torture. B-side is If You Think There’s Something (see last video for clip)

Michael Caine can be found on several formats : 7″/12″/7″picture disc/doublepack gatefold with The Sun And The Rain bonus picture disc and of course the album Keep Moving.

It peaked at number 11 in the charts.

The Video…

The Formats…
7″ / 12″
7″ picture disc B
Doublepack with Sun And The Rain picture disc
7″ picture disc A


The b-side


Paul Draper and Catherine AD sign Spooky Action…



Well Spooky Action came out on August 11th and i just had to have all the formats…..

Managed to get this cd dedidicated to me through some good contacts to whom i shall be eternally grateful.

Here are the complete formats:


promo cd

cd/dvd hardback book package including outakes and 5.1 version

cassette (ltd hand numbered)

2LP black vinyl

2LP black vinyl ‘indies only’ with exclusive 7″

2LP white vinyl

2LP clear vinyl (signed , only available through The Anchoress website)

Japanese cd with bonus tracks

Watch the video for Paul’s new single ‘Things People Want’ here –